Our Wonder Room

Our Wonder Room

Reflections on Finding God

What Are They Watching?

“The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages.” – Virginia Woolf, writer (1882-1941) Part of this student-teaching experience is being observed by a supervisor who can guide me in being a more effective teacher. Their role is to offer constructive feedback and to pass on hints and suggestions that will make my transition … Read more

Rescuing Me

When I pulled the words below out of a devotion I read this morning, I was just going to leave it at that. The old cut and paste. But then I went back and read all of Isaiah 50. Wow! In particular, though, I am drawn back to these rhetorical questions in verse 2. How … Read more

The One Thing I Know

From ‘The One Thing I Know’ by Sara Groves This one thing I know You said You won’t let me go I know that when Sarah Groves sings those words she’s not thinking of Keith Turley up here in Bellingham. But as I look back on this, my last quarter of actual courses before I … Read more

Running Water

“Men cannot see their reflection in running water, but only in still water.” -Chuang Tzu, philosopher (c. 4th century BCE) As I read those words this morning I got to thinking about those words from Psalm 23. I wanted to get a better grasp on the issue with the still/quiet water. Then something hit me, … Read more

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