Our Wonder Room

Our Wonder Room

Reflections on Finding God

Do What Comes Natural

“I didn’t expect anything (in return) nor did I want anything from it because it wasn’t something I wouldn’t have done on any other day.”
–Joey Prusak

Years ago I remember taking racquetball lessons, hoping they would help me be a better player. Yet, one of the things I remember most is how my racquetball seemed to worse after the lesson. That’s because I was thinking too much about what I had learned. But slowly what I learned became habits I didn’t have to think about, and I would like to say I started playing better than before the lessons.

As you and I learn and grow in Christ, there are new ways we have to learn, ways that are not natural to us. Watching this video of Joey Prusak reminded me of that. Daily each of us has opportunities toward “random acts of kindness”–ones which may seem small and insignificant. Which may seem awkward and confusing. But getting in the habit of being kind is something we, as His children, are called to do. No situation is random, nor should our kindness be. Our kindness should be something that sets us apart. What Joey did wasn’t small, it was natural to him. His only motivation was to right a wrong.

In His service,

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