Our Wonder Room

What Lays Beyond

From across the bay, Lori and I can see the pier that extends out into Bellingham Bay from Little Squalicum Beach. And many times we have ventured to the beach and seen, and touched, the pier up close. On multiple occasions, I’ve taken pictures of the pier from the beach at Little Squalicum. But this … Read more

Moments With a Stranger

“We are missing so much about the people all around us.” — Anonymous Just now was one of those moments when I found myself looking at a video shared on Facebook and wondering how I’m going to allow it to change my life. And so I share it with you, because, at some point I … Read more


The question I have to ask myself is “how can I make a change?” The Biebs has a good message in this video. There are so many things that I need to be praying for on a regular basis.

Love Jesus

This video is now up to over 16 MILLION views. That is pretty incredible in and of itself. There has been lots of banter and conversation, people liking and disliking it. If nothing else, it gets people thinking about Jesus and the church.